Mili Parekh



Education:   Surat, India

What was your path to becoming where you are in your career now?

I can design my space!

I saw my house getting built in 1999. When they were laying foundation, I started getting some ideas of what kind of spaces should we have and how to organize them. All I knew then was to make a little sketch, so I did and shared it with the architect. While the house was being built, I saw my ideas being worked on and executed. That was the moment and here I am!

Personal Philosophy: 

There are more reasons to be happy than to be sad.

Every problem in life has a solution. Deal with your problems with a smile on your face and the solutions will automatically come to you.

Focus/Hobbies outside of work: 

Hiking, cooking, DIY crafts

What inspires your work every day? 

Every day is a new challenge. You might win it or lose it, but you will definitely learn from it.

If you were a car, what make and model would you be and what color? Why?

Honda Accord, Gold.  It is always reliable and durable, has long life expectancy, doesn’t need much maintenance, and keeps moving for years and years. The glowing color of gold never goes out of style and never fades.