Daniel Eriksson, AIA, NCARB


Education:   Cal Poly San Luis Obispo

What was your path to becoming where you are in your career now?

...I was going to be a lifeguard!

My path was traditional:  complete school, formal education, and get an accredited degree – and then a lot of hard work – boots on the ground, always moving forward, and taking opportunities as they presented themselves! At one point, I was going to be a lifeguard! But in seeking summer work, I showed up at Comstock Johnson as a college student –  not in a suit! – and the owners welcomed me as a summer intern throughout my college years. After graduation, I continued my work with them and was fortunate to have leaders who were interested in an ultimate transition for eventual ownership and provided mentorship to that goal.

Personal Philosophy: 

Always treat people fairly and with respect.
Learn from your mistakes and try not to repeat them.
Integrity is #1.

Focus/Hobbies outside of work: 

Not surprisingly, I love to do building projects! I also enjoy skiing, volleyball, continuing my role as a BSA Scoutmaster, mentoring, staying busy and addressing challenges.

What inspires your work every day? 

I like to improve the process. I look for systematic approaches that provide a better opportunity for success; identifying processes and resources that support them, and then making time to share them with the CJA team. When we provide an informed solution, our opportunity for success increases.

If you were a car, what make and model would you be and what color? Why?

7 Series BMW, Silver. It’s stylish but not too flashy; it’s recognized as a reliable tool, not a toy; it’s established and respected for quality.