Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church

A Modern Facility for an Ancient Faith

For over 60 years, Greek Orthodox Christians have worshipped and celebrated their culture at facilities located at the Annunciation campus at 600 Alhambra Boulevard in Sacramento. Founded by a handful of immigrant families from Greece, the Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church has become a thriving Parish of over 500 families.  To meet cultural and ministry needs, a new Family and Education Center was commissioned to replace aging infrastructure and facilities – and build for the future.

CJA interfaced with a number of groups during the master plan process, including a small executive building committee, a larger full building committee, the parish at large and three separate neighborhood community organizations. The main drive for this master plan was to lay out the facilities so that new buildings could be constructed while still occupying the existing buildings and the existing buildings demolished after occupancy of the new buildings. This was especially challenging given a tight 2.2 acre site. New replacement facilities include:

  • a multi-purpose parish hall,
  • bookstore,
  • classrooms,
  • library,
  • meeting rooms,
  • preschool,
  • administrative offices,
  • a larger parking lot and
  • an extensive courtyard.

Organized around the campus courtyard, called the Plateia in Greek, the new Center is a modern facility for an ancient faith.  The Center provides needed space for social, cultural, educational, and religious activities.  A major design requirement was to design the facility in the Byzantine style to reflect the Parish’s proud heritage, legacy, and culture.  Sustainability, energy efficiency, and low maintenance were important design requirements as well.


616 Alhambra Boulevard, Sacramento, CA


Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church

Fair Oaks Presbyterian Church Addition

In recognizing the importance of Youth & Children’s Ministry, the Fair Oaks Presbyterian Church has recently launched its G2G building campaign. Generation 2 Generation (G2G) is about replacing dilapidated portables and outdated classrooms with a more modern facility to help youth and children build a stronger relationship with our Lord and Savior.

The new facility is a 40,000 square foot two-story building located behind existing Church Facilities. The ground floor is dedicated to Children’s Ministry with pre-school classrooms, elementary school classrooms, assembly spaces and Administrative support. The second floor holds two large assembly spaces; one for Jr High Ministry and the other for Sr High Ministry. In addition to the assembly spaces, the FOPC has consolidated all Administration Functions into a suite on the second floor to better serve the Church Community. A large courtyard links the existing facilities into a comprehensive whole providing a children’s play area, and large outdoor gathering spaces for services and events.


11427 Fair Oaks Boulevard, Fair Oaks, California

Client: Fair Oaks Presbyterian Church

Bayside Covenant Church

This church complex is comprised of three two-story structures; the larger is a multipurpose/sanctuary building, the second is an assembly/meeting room building, and the third houses a preschool and religious education rooms.

All three buildings serve a growing congregation of 5,000 plus in the East Roseville and Granite Bay neighborhoods. Meticulously programmed, planned, and designed for an extensive period, construction began in 2002 and completed in 2003. The buildings are constructed of splitface and precision CMU with defining/emphasis wall of "Silverado" Cultured Stone.


8191 Sierra College Boulevard, Granite Bay, California

Client: Bayside Covenant Church

Our Lady of Mount Carmel

Comstock Johnson Architects (CJA) collaborated with former State Architect, Harry Hallenbeck on this one-thousand (1,000) seat sanctuary building. The design is organized around two large cylindrical forms, one at the narthex and the other at the altar, and sloping roof wings symmetrically placed on either side. The exterior materials are predominantly cement plaster walls with metal roof panels that span as far as sixty-five (65) feet. A large art glass glazed opening is placed at the back of the reservation chapel as a focal element.


2700 Dover Avenue, Fairfield, California

Client: Catholic Diocese of Sacramento

Divine Mercy Parish

This new Parish is the first permanent church to serve a Sacramento's growing North Natomas area. This New Facility Master Plan includes a Parish Center, K-8 school, and an 800-seat final church on approximately eight acres. The approximately 11,600 square foot, Phase-1, 600-seat
"First Church" (future Parish Center which is sized for a high school basketball court) was completed in October 2009.

The buildings were designed in a "Mediterranean" style with large slump block walls consistent with surrounding complexes. The mechanical system uses economical, high-efficiency package units hidden into roof wells above the front support spaces. All buildings will face onto a large, shared, connecting plaza allowing pedestrians to go between church, school and gym without crossing vehicle traffic.


2231 Club Center Drive, Sacramento, CA

Client: Catholic Diocese of Sacramento

St Stephen the First Martyr Parish

St. Stephen the First Martyr Parish is the fruit of 20 years effort by the Latin Mass Community of Sacramento. They offer a full parochial observance of the Sacred Liturgy, including three Masses per day, Vespers and Compline every week, as well as any Catholic devotions, making St. Stephen's the premier traditional parish in the State of California. Their community is "a family of families" entered on the Blessed Eucharist.

This project was a significant remodel of a previous Lutheran Church. Primarily new finishes and lighting along with a completely redesigned Sanctuary with fixtures salvaged from mid-west Catholic churches.


5461 44th Street, Sacramento, California

Client: Catholic Diocese of Sacramento