Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church

A Modern Facility for an Ancient Faith

For over 60 years, Greek Orthodox Christians have worshipped and celebrated their culture at facilities located at the Annunciation campus at 600 Alhambra Boulevard in Sacramento. Founded by a handful of immigrant families from Greece, the Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church has become a thriving Parish of over 500 families.  To meet cultural and ministry needs, a new Family and Education Center was commissioned to replace aging infrastructure and facilities – and build for the future.

CJA interfaced with a number of groups during the master plan process, including a small executive building committee, a larger full building committee, the parish at large and three separate neighborhood community organizations. The main drive for this master plan was to lay out the facilities so that new buildings could be constructed while still occupying the existing buildings and the existing buildings demolished after occupancy of the new buildings. This was especially challenging given a tight 2.2 acre site. New replacement facilities include:

  • a multi-purpose parish hall,
  • bookstore,
  • classrooms,
  • library,
  • meeting rooms,
  • preschool,
  • administrative offices,
  • a larger parking lot and
  • an extensive courtyard.

Organized around the campus courtyard, called the Plateia in Greek, the new Center is a modern facility for an ancient faith.  The Center provides needed space for social, cultural, educational, and religious activities.  A major design requirement was to design the facility in the Byzantine style to reflect the Parish’s proud heritage, legacy, and culture.  Sustainability, energy efficiency, and low maintenance were important design requirements as well.


616 Alhambra Boulevard, Sacramento, CA


Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church

Teichert Woodland Maintenance Facility

Pre-engineered metal building with 6,000 square feet of administrative office and 20,000 square feet of vehicle maintenance space for trucks and earth-moving equipment. The vehicle maintenance portion included high bay bridge cranes, jib cranes, truck wash, maintenance pits, welding room and secured tool storage.


Client: Unger Construction

Solano Irrigation District Corporation Yard

This 57,000 square foot district operations maintenance facility includes a two-story office building, mechanical shop, pump and meter shop, welding shop, hazardous materials shop, and weed control.
The project used a hybrid design-bid-build delivery with bidding to a select list of three pre-selected general contractors and required prevailing wage. The contract was guaranteed maximum price (GMP). Completed in 2011.


1090 Piper Drive, Vacaville, CA

Client: County of Solano

Meyer Warehouse Automated Storage and Retrieval System

This project consists of a second phase 165,750 square foot automated pallet storage and retrieval system facility just under 100 feet tall. It is an alternate means building type due to the rack supported structure and specialized Early Suppression Fast Response (ESFR) system. The foundation system consisted of an 18 inch thick mat slab with double rebar mats that were placed by GPS locating to avoid the 56,000 bolts that were drilled into the foundation and attached to the racks. The skin consists of insulated metal panels supported from the perimeter racks. The steel roof structure spans between the racks and is covered with insulated metal roofing.

This facility connects to a first phase building previously completed by the same design team that is approximately 340,000 square feet and utilizes a pre-engineered interior structure to achieve 30 feet of clear height. The perimeter walls are composed of concrete tilt-up wall panels that are articulated with detailed reveal patterns and color variety to achieve a pedestrian scale facade in a massive distribution facility.

The building functions as the primary distribution facility for Farberware Cookware, and also provides a small amount of manufacturing functions. The second phase project also utilized a large storm water detention basis and rooftop solar panels.


2001 Meyer Way, Fairfield, CA

Client: Meyer Corporation

General Contractor: Carmichael Construction

Saint John's Program for Real Change

Saint John's Program for Real Change was constructed in a former office/warehouse building purchased from Buzz Oates. Working together with numerous community groups and donors, CJA obtained planning and building department approval for a 22,790 square foot 122 bed temporary residential facility including 31 bedrooms, a full commercial kitchen, childcare, classroom and exercise space along with two outdoor recreational areas for both toddlers and older children.

The project required extensive code analysis, a change in use, division of existing parcels, a change in property ownership and a conditional use permit. Relocating from a smaller facility has allowed Saint John’s to serve a larger clientele and continue to offer a diverse range of services to empower local women in need to create better lives for themselves and their families.

Currently under construction is a campus expansion that will provide an additional 22 bedrooms to the Program! 

Sacramento, California

Client: St John's Program for Real Change / Buzz Oates Construction

State of California Bureau of Automotive Repair

The State of California, Bureau of Automotive Repair (BAR) building was developed as a turn-key for lease Design/Build office and testing laboratory, as a LEED NC Silver facility. Based upon an extensive multi-tier program, this 105,964 square foot building provides administrative offices, engineering, investigative, and public meeting functions as well as a fully equipped automotive testing laboratory for the State's emissions testing agency. The building incorporates site and pre-cast concrete wall panels, stone veneer elements, and prominent metal panel features to articulate main entrance points.

The facility incorporates full scale perimeter security and CCTV monitoring. The building includes warehouse spaces, laboratory, vehicle storage, and on-site amenities such as outdoor patio/gathering areas and access to adjacent public park areas and regional bicycle paths.


10949 North Mather Blvd, Rancho Cordova, CA

Client: Zinfandel Bar, LLC

Gateway Office Building

This 68,654 square foot, two-story office building is not your average tilt-up concrete speculative structure. Clean, contemporary design, and attention to detail contribute to its functionality and aesthetic appeal. The exterior materials palette is rich with varying shades of red thin brick, copper colored storefront, and solar bronze tinted glazing. The building entries are articulated with grand metal panel clad buttresses bisected by strong horizontal canopies beneath which the polished and inviting lobby is revealed through the aluminum and glass curtain wall system. Cast-in architectural reveals and copper duck bill escutcheons are a few of the many details that add visual interest and character to a building framed by casual entry plazas and beautiful landscaping.


2804 Gateway Oaks Drive, Sacramento, CA

Client: Gateway Building, LLC

CJA Office Building

The project consists of a one-story, wood-framed building for our firm. It highlights a number of architectural concepts, both exterior and interior that could serve as opportunities for small owner occupied office buildings. A variety of materials were used on the exterior which break up the massing of the building and organize its functions. Brick pilasters form the main rhythm of the building and tall brick clad walls highlight both the entry and street corner elevations.


10520 Armstrong Avenue, Mather, CA

Arco West Office Building

The Arco West Building is a 111,360 square foot two-story warm shell office building with a fully developed core. The 34' - 8" high tilt-up concrete building features prominent recessed entrances that break up the long East and West elevations. They serve to draw people into the lobby with a clean and contemporary textured concrete wall panel and a cantilevered painted steel canopy above the entry doors. The same wall treatment and protective canopy is repeated on the transverse elevations.

The core building mass extends 8' - 0" above the main building parapet to both mask and incorporate the rooftop mechanical screen into the form. The facade is further articulated with a gridded pattern of "V" reveals and 3" round recesses, and a series of square punched openings with lightly tinted glazing. On either side of the building entries, the concrete panels with canted edges and architectural reveals are visually enhanced with a variety of quality materials and colors. The complementary shades of tinted and spandrel glazing and horizontal rib formliner achieve the goal of breaking up the long walls with texture and color while providing a cohesive whole.


1747 North Market, Sacramento, CA

Client: Buzz Oates Construction

LEED CS Silver Certified in 2012

Unger Construction Company Office Building

This building is the corporate headquarters for Unger Construction Company, a Sacramento based general contractor established in 1926. The existing building formerly housed the LaFiesta Restaurant and Bakery. The front restaurant portion was removed, the bakery/warehouse portion was completely renovated, and new site and off-site frontage improvements were added.

The project design introduces a new two-story mass to the existing simple concrete tilt-up structure. This mass has two distinct design ideas: a corner entry "tower" and punctured wall planes. Both the existing and new building elements utilize an industrial aesthetic as an architecturally unifying concept.

Corner Tower: The corner of 9th and X streets is an important corner for the project, as this is the entry side and natural approach to the site from 9th Street to X Street to the parking lot drive. One of the tower legs vertically slopes at an angle is also utilized in other design elements of the project. The corner tower is clad with 1 1/2" deep ribbed metal paneling with a "Galvalume" (galvanized) finish. Horizontal butt glazed storefront wraps the corner on both floors with the upper floor being supported by an exposed painted red steel floor structure and a round column. A painted yellow metal cantilever trellis with galvanized metal screen panels terminates the top of the tower.


910 X St, Sacramento, CA

Client: Unger Construction Company

Punctured Wall Planes: The cement plaster walls of the addition have solids and voids, deep recessed grid patterned storefront, and horizontal metal awnings. A vertically oriented recessed area, 8" wide, mimics the 8" wide panel joints of the existing structure. The cement plaster is finished smooth with shallow "V" reveals in order to achieve a cast concrete look. The top 3' of the walls are a recessed cornice with a galvanized metal parapet cap. Tying into the trellis, horizontal painted yellow awnings with galvanized screen panels are located above the storefront windows.

The existing tilt-up walls which house the shop have 8" wide accentuated recessed panel joints and 2" wide perimeter steel angle corner embed reinforcement which define the panels as individual sections. This aesthetic is enhanced by painting these areas to match the galvanized (silver/gray) steel elements newly introduced in the two-story addition. The concrete panels are painted.

Sacramento County Office of Education

This new 74,000 square foot, two-story County Office of Education Headquarters building has been recognized for innovation and design. The project incorporated design and program elements including: Executive and Administrative office spaces, Board Room used for public hearings, Video Production Studio, Education and Training rooms, energy efficient design features, contemporary design elements and innovative uses of integrated precast concrete panels and storefront systems.

Architectural Achievement Design Award from the Tilt-Up Concrete Association.


10474 Mather Blvd, Mather, CA

Client: McCuen Properties

California State Capitol Senate Room Remodel

Designed to accommodate television cameras and the press, this Senate Committee Hearing Room, located in the California State Capitol is adorned with Pacoustic fabric wall panels, carpet, and cork flooring. The dais platform chairs are finished in rich leather upholstery. The contrasting wood tones, natural birds-eye maple paneling, and dark mahogany trim detail instill a light sophisticated feel in the space.


California State Capitol
1315 10th St.
Sacramento, CA 95814

Client: State of California

American Red Cross & United Way Headquarters


Folsom Boulevard and Watt Avenue, Sacramento, CA  

Client/Owner: United Way / American Red Cross / Buzz Oates Enterprises

These two-story buildings were "turnkey" projects by the developer who provided the design, construction and financing for both. Upon completion, the developer delivered the title to United Way and the American Red Cross with a 20-year payment schedule. Both buildings are wood framed with tile exteriors and are at an accessible and prominent Sacramento location. 

Rivercats Independence Field

This project consists of the only fully accessible, little league sized, rubberized baseball field in the Western United States. Located at the Sam Pannell Community Center in South Sacramento, the field was constructed to provide the experience of playing baseball to all citizens regardless of their physical limitations. With a focus through the City of Sacramento Access Leisure sports programs, the field has become a focal point for many persons with disabilities to realize their dreams of playing competitive sports.

The field was constructed of a composite sports surface system combining the cushioning effect of a rubber mat underlayment with a textured colored EPDM athletic surface typically used for all weather track facilities. We incorporated the use of the two different surfaces to imply real
grass and a major league feeling dirt infield.

The project success has been overwhelming: the children's joy and excitement and the gratitude of the parents, who have finally witnessed their children playing sports, speak for itself.


 2450 Meadowview Rd, Sacramento, CA

Client: City of Sacramento Parks and Recreation Department

Catta Verdera Country Club

The 30,000 square foot Santa Barbara mission style structure provides a spectacular setting for family, social and business occasions. Surrounded by shady verandas and open decks, courtyards and fountains, the Catta Verdera Clubhouse is home to breathtaking views of the golf course, verdant oaks, and spectacular sunsets.

The facility included a formal dining room, Madalena's, a casual members' bar & grill; Quixote's, a 200-seat special events room; Casa Alegria, a full-service golf shop; meeting facilities, massage rooms and locker rooms. Additional buildings included an "on the course restaurant" Stables Grill, as well as an exclusive members only lounge.


1111 Catta Verdera Drive, Lincoln, California

Client: Catta Verdera 

Peregrine School

Comstock Johnson assisted in converting approximately 4,600 s.f. of classroom, restroom and office space which previously functioned as a satellite campus for Sacramento City College into the interim home of the K-6 arm of Peregrine school.  The renovation included finish upgrades, the addition of casework and plumbing in classrooms and conversion of a rear parking lot into a playground and garden in association with Indigo/Hammond + Playle Architects


1909 Galileo Court, Davis, California

Client: Peregrine School

Brookfield School

Brookfield school is a private Kindergarten through 8th Grade campus serving approximately 150 students on a 5 acre campus. This 6,500 s.f. addition to the campus of the Brookfield School in Sacramento is a free-standing multipurpose building with gymnasium and stage.  It is sited on the property in the central yard of the school and placed at an angle to preserve heritage trees on site.


6115 Riverside Blvd, Sacramento, California

Client: Brookfield School

St. Patrick Academy

St. Patrick Academy is a K-8 school operated by the Catholic Diocese of Sacramento.  CJA’s numerous projects at St. Patrick over the years varied from classroom upgrades, including the creation of new Computer, Science lab, Music, Dance and Art rooms,  to cafeteria and kitchen redesign, site accessibility upgrades and the addition of 5 modular classrooms at the rear of the school.  

A lot of the work done here was designed with a light hand to preserve the beauty of the original brick buildings built in 1932 as an orphanage and convent.  Much of the initial work was completed in 2010 to prepare the school to receive students from other inner-city schools that were scheduled to close


5945 Franklin Blvd, Sacrametno, California

Client: Catholic Diocese of Sacramento

Cristo Rey Sacramento High School

CJA worked with an existing office building to create a new home for Christo Rey Sacramento High School. The services for this 48,000 s.f. project included programming, entitlement processing, tenant improvements and interior design. The big challenge tackled by our architects was gaining approval through the City of Sacramento for the change in use from an office to an educational facility.

Major upgrades were made to the existing building's systems, including HVAC, electrical and fire suppression. New spaces include a large multi-purpose room, a kitchen , administrative offices, counseling center and classrooms. Laboratories for physics, science, biology, and art were also added.

Pops of school color can be spotted throughout the campus and the big, bright classrooms are equipped to provide students with all they need to succeed.


8475 Jackson Road, Sacramento, CA

Client: Christo Rey High School

Fair Oaks Presbyterian Church Addition

In recognizing the importance of Youth & Children’s Ministry, the Fair Oaks Presbyterian Church has recently launched its G2G building campaign. Generation 2 Generation (G2G) is about replacing dilapidated portables and outdated classrooms with a more modern facility to help youth and children build a stronger relationship with our Lord and Savior.

The new facility is a 40,000 square foot two-story building located behind existing Church Facilities. The ground floor is dedicated to Children’s Ministry with pre-school classrooms, elementary school classrooms, assembly spaces and Administrative support. The second floor holds two large assembly spaces; one for Jr High Ministry and the other for Sr High Ministry. In addition to the assembly spaces, the FOPC has consolidated all Administration Functions into a suite on the second floor to better serve the Church Community. A large courtyard links the existing facilities into a comprehensive whole providing a children’s play area, and large outdoor gathering spaces for services and events.


11427 Fair Oaks Boulevard, Fair Oaks, California

Client: Fair Oaks Presbyterian Church